Last April 12, 2012 the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center conducted an orientation-workshop for Local Government Units in the region.

The said orientation aimed to introduce the PPP Program as well as its concepts and frameworks and as an approach to sustainable development and inclusive growth. Public-private partnership is a contractual agreement between the government (implementing agencies and LGUs) and private firms. In this approach, the private sector does the financing, designing, implementing and operating of infrastructure facilities and services that were traditionally provided by the public sector.

Moreover, the PPP Center also familiarized the participants on project development, its processes, and services. A video clip of successful LGU-PPP projects was shown as samples for LGU participants to emulate. The LGUs were expected to determine the features of PPP projects in the local context to identify key supports and technical assistance they can seek from the PPP Center in pursuing projects.

A presentation of the key points of the CAR Regional Development Plan was done to disseminate the major thrusts of the region in terms of development. Later on during the activity, a workshop was conducted for LGUs to assess local development projects for PPP implementation. Among the major projects suggested for PPP enrolment are: a) Cordillera Roads Improvement Project, b) BLIST Circumferential Road, c) Baguio Airport, and d) provision of mobile communication services for underserved CAR areas.

This event was coordinated by DILG in partnership with the PPP Center. For more information on the PPP program, go to