Cordillera Administrative Region

Development has always been at the forefront of concerns of the government and its partners. The Regional Development Council of the Cordillera Administrative Region takes pride in having made humble strides along regional development. An outlook on CAR development during the first three years of the plan period 2004-2010 shows some improvements achieved: GRDP grew from 0.74% in 2005 to 3.5% in 2006; while employment rate increased from 91% in 2004 to 95.3% in 2006 providing employment for 656 thousand individuals.

While it is very encouraging to see our efforts bearing development results, we still need to work harder so that our accomplishments could approximate more closely or even surpass the targets we have set for the region. This means there are a lot more cooperative muscle and efforts we need to extend to bring the region to its desired level of development.

The Updated CAR Regional Development Plan 2008-2010 reiterates the development vision of “…having a truly autonomous region of unified, enlightened and empowered citizenry who pursue sustainable development where responsibilities and benefits are equitably shared by all.” This vision is translated into goals and objectives we want to achieve, as well as specific targets where the government, national and local, and the private sector could strategically focus their resources.

The Updated Plan will continue to use the twin strategies of strategic spatial focus and content convergence on key focus areas of development. The first catalyzes economic integration in identified growth nodes; and the second focuses activities on laying the basic requisites of development, exploring the regional comparative advantages, and capitalizing on proven areas of regional competence and specialization.

We also need to further develop our institutional capabilities, customize and strengthen our administrative structures, as well as our systems and processes to prepare us to better perform, in due time, the national government functions mandated by the Constitution to be devolved to the region in an autonomous regional set-up.

We therefore strongly urge all regional offices of national government agencies, local government units, and development partners in the private sector and civil society in the region to use this Updated Plan as the basic guide in the planning and implementation of their respective development programs, projects and activities.

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