Progress Accomplishment Report of Completed and On-going Special Autonomy Fund Assisted Projects/Activities

(As of May 2010)

PROGRAM THRUST 1: Information, Education and Communication (IEC)

Program Thrust Objectives:

  • To better inform and deepen the understanding of people on the autonomy issue;

  • To gather inputs and feedback for RDC study and action, including suggestions to the possible drafting of a third Organic Act.

1.0 IEC for the General Public

1.1 Print and broadcast media

Lead Agency(s): PIA-CAR with other government and private information agencies

Cost: P860,000 (2007) & P600,000 (2008)

Trailblazing IEC activities commenced in October 2008 with the conduct of seven major programs (two Kapihan fora; four provincial press conferences conducted during the RDC En Banc provincial meetings in Abra, Bontoc, Tabuk and Banaue; and the Baguio-based Presscon in Reverse (“Shoe on the Other Foot”) which were all aired on local TV and radio.

This year ,three press conferences were so far held, two of which were during the RDC En Banc provincial meetings in Luna, Apayao in February and Bontoc, Mt. Province in April, while another was during the celebration of the Abra Kawayan Festival in March. Also, three Kapihan Fora have been conducted where one forum provided general updates on the autonomy agenda implementation. One Kapihan Forum focused on providing updates on the SAF-funded Key Focus Area (KFA) project on poverty mapping of the social development agencies led by the DOH-CAR. Another Kapihan Forum focused on updates on three other SAF-funded KFAs – eco-tourism promotion led by the DOT-CAR, advancing the coffee industry led by the DA-CAR, and souvenir products development and promotion led by the DTI-CAR.

With the concentration of radio and TV facilities in Baguio, the RDC has adopted other strategies to increase its provincial reach through: (1) the production of an AVP on the “Cordillera Quest for Autonomy”; (2) production of radio infomercials on autonomy; (3) production and distribution of the Q&A brochure on Regional Development and Autonomy which is the official RDC IEC print advocacy material; and (4) placement of ads in 10 local papers and one news magazine.

A capability-training for ASGIOCO (Association of Government Information Officers in the Cordillera) members and PIOs (Public Information Officers) on formulating radio and TV plugs on regional development and autonomy was conducted in November 2008. A regionwide Essay Writing Contest on Cordillera Regional Development and Autonomy was also conducted where works of the three winning entries were published in the Cordi-Link and the RDC Website, the official publication of the RDC-CAR.

Two Autonomy Forums have so far been conducted as activities to celebrate Cordillera Month: (1) Forum on Cordillera Regional Development and Autonomy held at the University of the Cordilleras on 23 July 2008 with former CEB Director  Fernando Bahatan as main guest speaker; and (2) Autonomy Forum: The ARMM Experience held at the Baguio City Multi-Purpose Hall on July 29, 2009 with  Atty. Ishak Mastura as main guest speaker.

The conduct of print, radio & television IEC activities is continuing, latest of which 48 segments “Awtonomiya Cordillera” was aired on DZWT (MWF, 7:30-7:45 p.m.) and Bombo Radyo. Atty. Delmar Carino hosted the radio program in both radio stations.

The RDC is in the process of linking with all cable TV operators and KBP-affiliated radio stations in the region to further increase the number of participating radio and TV stations in airing autonomy-related programs and infomercials.