1.2 RDC website on Regional Development and Autonomy

Lead Agency: RDC Secretariat (NEDA-CAR)

Cost: P300,000 (2007) & P50,000(2008)

Tapping modern technology to create awareness on the renewed pursuit of regional autonomy catering to local and international audiences and thereby increasing the reach of IEC activities as well as gathering of feedback, the RDC website www.cordillera.gov.ph was established and deployed as another IEC strategy.

Articles published in local and national dailies and other materials on Cordillera regional development and autonomy are easily accessed through the website. Updating of the website is a continuing activity.

As of May 2010, about 338 articles (news, studies, etc…) had been posted in the RDC Website. Access to the RDC Website averages 23,500 hits per month, and reached 33,000 in December 2009 at the height of IEC activities, or a total of 196,284 hits since its deployment in late 2008

With the opening of classes in schools, colleges and universities, the website again expects to be crowded with researchers on various issues and concerns regarding the region and the quest for regional development and autonomy.