3.0 IEC for Government Functionaries

3.1 IEC for LGUs

Lead Agency: DILG-CAR

Cost: P350,000 (2007), P500,000 (2008)

The following IEC briefings have been conducted: (1) special briefing for members of the Sanggunian Panlalawigan of Benguet conducted in December 2008; (2) Regional Assembly – Liga ng mga Barangay (CAR) held in Subic 1st quarter of 2009; (3) IEC for Kalinga officials, SUC faculty and administration and students in Bulanao, Tabuk on 25 March 2009; (4) IEC for provincial and municipal officials of Benguet – August 26, 2009, Ifugao – September 16, 2009, Abra – October 16, 2009, Mt. Province – November 12, 2009 and Baguio City – November 18, 2009.

To date, IEC for all provinces/city of Baguio except Apayao were already undertaken, with 960 officials and staffs covered.

A special meeting of the Ifugao Land Management and Development Task Force where another IEC activity was conducted in in Banaue in August 2009.

3.2 IEC for Regional Government Employees

Lead Agency(s): RDC Secretariat (NEDA-CAR) and DILG-CAR (for 2007)

Cost: P350,000 (2008)

DILG-CAR conducted a regional forum for regional line agency (RLA) employees in Baguio City in December 2008 with 207 participants.

In 2008, the RDC changed its IEC strategy for government employees by establishing a Speakers Bureau composed of 14 RLA representatives. This group will visit individual government offices and undertake IEC activities. To date, 44 RLA offices with 1,771 total employees has already been reached.

Likewise, IEC briefings were conducted for the Regional Congress of the Regional Council of Personnel Officers in June 2009 with 260 Personnel Officers and 200 Treasurers & Assessors.

3.3 Direct LGU IEC

3.3.1 Benguet

Lead Agency: Benguet PGO

Cost: P250,000 (2008)

The Benguet Barangay Development Congress cum Capability Enhancement Training for Barangay Captains of Benguet was undertaken in July 2009 with 200 participants, This included a one-day lecture-discussion on the Autonomy Agenda.

The training on “Developing Local Capability & Partnership to Respond to Climate Change in the Context of Regional Development and Self-Reliance” has been rescheduled. LGU Benguet shall conduct the activity in July 2010.

3.3.2 Ifugao

Lead Agency(s): Ifugao PGO

Cost: P75,000 (2008)

Ifugao Barangay Congress has been undertaken to cover 200 participants. The activity entitled “Enhancing the Capability of Punong Barangays on Local Governance in the context of the Regional Autonomy Agenda” became a joint undertaking of LGU-Ifugao, NEDA-CAR and DILG-Ifugao.

It serves as a model for replication in other CAR provinces and cities.

3.3.3 Kalinga

Lead Agency(s): Kalinga PGO

RDC Counterpart cost: P150,000 (2008)

The provincial Government of Kalinga carried out a “Kalinga Peace Summit” in the context of Autonomy in Tabuk in July 2009 with more than 50 participants from the municipalities. This summit attempts to highlight the importance of Bodong (peace agreement) as a strategy to resolve local peace concerns and development issues.

3.3.4 Abra

Lead Agency(s): Abra PGO

RDC Counterpart cost: P200,000 (2008)

Abra’s “Ancestral Domain Summit” has been re-scheduled to be conducted in July 2010. LGU-Abra shall submit its progress and terminal reports soonest.