4.0 IEC for Alternative Multi-Sectoral Groups

4.1 Indigenous Peoples/Indigenous Cultural Communities Structures and Mechanism

4.1.1 Capacitation Training for the Council of Elders and Leaders of the Tingguian Tribes of Abra

Lead Agency(s): Abra PGO

Cost: P150,000 (2007)

Conducted in October 2008 with counterpart funds from the Abra provincial government, the activity aimed to define and clarify the role of the Council of Elders and Leaders in regard to indigenous peoples rights based on the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act or RA 8371, and in furthering these rights in a future autonomous region. An offshoot of the training was a decision to undertake an Abra Ancestral Domain Summit and the federation of all municipal-based councils of elders and leaders to facilitate resolution of tribal/community issues. The plan is being worked out within 2009 with co-funding from the SAF and provincial funds. The latter shall be conducted in July 2010.

4.1.2 Ifugao Land Summit

Lead Agency(s): Ifugao PGO

Cost: P150,000 (2007), 200 (2008)

Conducted in September 2008 also with counterpart funds from the Ifugao provincial government, the conduct of the Land Summit brought together regional and local government functionaries and community elders to discuss how to fast-track land titling in Ifugao with the end in view of improving land management, peoples’ assets and eventually local revenues through improved real property tax generation. This led to the creation of the Ifugao Land Management and Development Task Force chaired by the Governor with members comprised of municipal mayors, provincial heads of DENR, NCIP, DAR and the local Registry of Deeds. It is currently operating to undertake coordinated land titling activities by harmonizing relevant processes of DENR, NCIP, DAR and ROD. Subsequent activities included assistance to strengthen the Task Force with improved support from the regional offices of the RLAs involved.

4.2 Established community aggrupations and mechanisms

4.2.1 Informal and Established Community Leaders Forum (Pilot) – Mt. Province Peace Executive Council Assembly

Lead Agency(s): Office of the Presidential Assistant on Cordillera Affairs (OPA)

Cost: P250,000 (2007)

An IEC briefing was conducted in January 2009 in Bontoc during the PEC provincial assembly with the RDC and CPA (Cordillera Peoples Alliance) as the main speakers that led to a partnership between the RDC-CAR and the Mt. Province PEC for regional autonomy and development with PEC constituents. About 120 people representing different municipalities and sectors in the province attended the activity. The Mt. Province PEC, conceived in 2003 through the local Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, is an aggrupation of church people, tribal elders and political leaders. It is a mechanism responding to lingering armed conflict (both insurgency and tribal) and plays a major role in peace-building efforts through the effective operation of peace zones in the province.

4.3 Other alternative multi-sectoral groups

4.3.1 Briefing for AKO (Awtonomiya Kordilyera Organization)/former CRA members

Lead Agency(s): RDC Secretariat (NEDA-CAR)

A briefing on the autonomy agenda was given upon request of the NGO AKO and former members of the Cordillera Regional Assembly on 22 November 2008 at the former CRA Office with Acting RDC Chair as the invited speaker. Former CRA members are slated for future campaign activities when a new organic act shall have been enacted by Congress.

4.3.2 IEC for MAITUD-CPA

Lead Agency(s): MAITUD-CPA

Cost: P50,000 (2008)

To reach out to progressive groups, the RDC touched base with a segment of the original proponents of Cordillera regional autonomy that lobbied for the autonomy provision in the 1987 Constitutional Commission. The Movement for the Advancement of Inter-Tribal Unity and Development (MAITUD), an affiliate organization of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) and an organization of tribal elders in Mt. Province, was briefed on the RDC autonomy agenda during the elders’ assembly (61 participants) held prior to the Cordillera Day celebration in April 2009. MAITUD-CPA support to the agenda was obtained and possible future joint undertakings were discussed.

4.3.3 IEC for Abra Clergy

Lead Agency(s): Abra PGO

Cost: P150,000 (2007)

On a pilot basis, this initiative from the Bishop of the Diocese of Bangued, Msgr. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD, DD was conducted on 15 April 2009 where 50 priests, religious brothers and major seminarians were receptive to becoming autonomy advocates. Replication of this activity in the other Cordillera dioceses is being worked out.

4.3.4 IEC for Cooperatives

Lead Agency(s): Norlu Cedec RDC Speakers Bureau

RDC Counterpart Cost: P50,000 (2008)

Norlu-Ceded, with the assistance of the RDC Speakers Bureau gave a briefing on Autonomy during the Regional Cooperative Federation Conference held on 23 April 2009 in Baguio City with 200 participants.

Norlu Cedec consequently organized its own autonomy IEC among its regional federation members during its Coop Month Celebration (November 13-14, 2009), of which 569 participants from all over the region have been informed.

Regional/provincial cooperative officials expressed active support and participation in future IEC and capability building activities.

4.3.5 IEC for PICE Cordillera Chapter

Lead Agency(s): PICE with RDC Speakers Bureau

Cost: Indeterminate charged to SB budget

As a kick-off consultation with professional groups, about 100 members of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Cordillera Chapter were briefed on the RDC autonomy agenda during its annual Regional Technical Conference in Bontoc in June 2009. The activity was postponed twice due to the inclement weather. The officers expressed interest and support to a sustained IEC that shall involve all sectors of society before jump-starting the drafting of an Organic Act.

4.3.6 IEC for University/College NSTP Coordinators-CAR

Lead Agency(s): RDC Speakers Bureau

Cost: Indeterminate charged to SB budget]

Two separate briefings were conducted (in May and in July) for provincial/city NSTP coordinators and social science subject instructors. An IEC on Regional Development and Autonomy for NSTP students citywide was likewise separately conducted.

4.6 IEC for Grassroots 

Lead Agency(s): CPLA-CBAd (OPA)

Cost: P75 (2008)

Briefing on the RDC-CAR action agenda on regional development and autonomy was conducted for CPLA-CBAd members and officials during the 23rd Anniversary of the Mt. Data Sipat at Mt. Data Hotel in Bauko, Mt. Province.


Lead Agency(s): (Speakers Bureau)

Cost: Indeterminate charged to SB budget

Briefing conducted for members of party-list KATRIBU advocating IP rights (9 Nov 2009)