3.0 KRA on Research, Policy Review and Formulation and Continuous Regional-Local Actions Towards Regional Autonomy

a. Conduct of the Baseline Survey on Regional Autonomy

Lead Agency(s): RDC Secretariat (NEDA-CAR)

Cost: P1,169,000 (2007)

The  Survey involving 2,809 survey respondents covering 98 sample barangays in 29 sample municipalities regionwide. The sample survey has validity confidence level of 99% and reliability margin of plus/minus 2.5% for the regional sample and 95% confidence levels and plus/minus 5% reliability margins for the provincial/city samples.

The survey findings served a the firm basis for the reprogrammed 2008-2010 regional development and autonomy program.

b. Conduct of the Research Agenda Formulation Workshop

Lead Agency(s): RDC Secretariat (NEDA-CAR)

Cost: P1,259,000 (2007)

Nine research areas were identified with eight Terms of References (TORs) drafted. Conduct of these researches were, however, deferred as they are costly with medium to long-term gestation while the RDC desires short-term action PPAs in the meantime.