Prime Education Center:

  1. Fast-track the implementation of the Prime Education Master Plan, particularly the conduct of a Feasibility Study on the BLIST (Baguio-La Trinidad-Itogon-Sablan-Tuba) University Community Project.

  2. Pursue responsive and quality technical-vocational education, specifically to undertake the upgrading of technical-vocational facilities and equipment.

  3. Fast-track the implementation of the Education Manpower Development Plan through its priority program/project/activities (PPAs) that includes the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda and the Ladderized Education Program.

  4. Support the RDC’s information and education campaign (IEC) on regional development and autonomy that includes researches, capability building and surveys.

Knowledge-Based Industries and Agri-Industrial Activities:

  1. Identify, promote and develop knowledge-based investment sites, conduct an inventory of existing sites and promote BLIST as ICT hub.

  2. Pursue manpower development on ICT by supporting the implementation of the RITe Investment Program.

  3. Strengthen MSMEs to include activities on packaging and labeling improvement, product development, productivity improvement, and the benchmarking of MSMEs outside urban areas to check their performance.

Together, we affix our signatures as symbol of our commitments to the operationalization of the strategic actions through our individual agency/LGU PPas and/or our collective and collaborative endeavors so that we may be closer to the realization of the Cordillera Development Vision.