The Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC-CAR) and Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC-CAR) endorsed the proposed FY 2020 budgets of Cordillera regional line agencies (RLAs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs) amounting to an aggregate of Php 89 billion.

This amount, endorsed during the Joint RDC-RPOC meeting held on March 19 in Bontoc, Mountain Province, will fund priority programs and projects proposed for implementation in 2020 by 18 Cordillera regional line agencies and six state universities and colleges (SUCs).  A total of Php 31 billion, or about 34%, are Tier 2 proposals which refer to new/expanded programs and projects that target the poorest, lagging, and climate change and disaster risk vulnerable areas in the region.  Tier 1 proposals, on the other hand, refer to government programs, projects and activities   that are already existing.  The two-tiered budgeting separates the consideration of ongoing funding requirements for activities and projects that have already been approved from decisions on new and expanded funding. Through this system, budget preparation becomes more strategic. It also strengthens fiscal discipline as it enhances the ability of the government to prioritize and manage spending.

Prior to the presentation to the RDC, the budget proposals were presented to the Regional Development Budget Coordinating Committee (RDBCC) by the RLAs and SUCs on March 13-14 in Baguio City.  The RDBCC Review Panel, guided by Cordillera Budget Memorandum No. CAR-001, s. 2019, looked into the RLAs’ and SUCs’ Tier 2 proposals to ensure that these are included in the Public Investment Program (PIP) 2017-2022, the Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP) 2020-2022, the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) 2017-2022, and Section 305 (k) of Republic Act 7160 on the localization of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022.  Another factor considered was the RLAs’ and SUCs’ conduct of budget consultations with the concerned LGUs, CSOs and other stakeholders.

The review and endorsement of the FY 2020 budget proposals is in line with the RDC and RDBCC’s role in ensuring that the region’s identified priority programs/projects operationalize the goals, strategies and priorities of the Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2017-2022. The Cordillera RDC and RDBCC are chaired by Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan and DBM Director Irene Gahid, respectively.  NEDA Director Milagros Rimando is the RDC Vice-Chair of the RDC and the Co-Chair  of the RDBCC. xxx