Last January 12, 2012, the Executive Committee of the Regional Development Council agreed to the decision to jumpstart the reorganization of the sectoral committees. This decision was grounded on the principle of giving the co-chairmanship to the PSR to provide equal opportunity to representation and participation. Also, this paved the way for the review of accreditation of nominated PO/NGO representatives as well as the selection of new representatives for vacant slots (e.g. labor sector).

The NGOs convened to complete this process on February 17, 2012. Interested private sector organizations gathered to select among themselves the best organization for their sectoral representation. In advance, these PSOs were screened and accredited and this includes PSOs already recognized by the RDC-CAR in 2010. For those who attended the convention but were not elected, they were invited to signify their intention to become members of one or more SeComs of their preference.

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