The RDC-CAR, in its meeting last July 8, 2013, endorsed the proposal for a North Luzon integration comprising of Regions 1, 2, 3 and CAR including the creation of a body that would coordinate integration activities.  

The proposal came out of a study commissioned by NEDA Central Office in 2011, which looked into possible integration of the said regions in order to maximize their potentials.

Integration, as far as the proposal is concerned, means physically putting in place or upgrading road, airport, and seaport infrastructures that would hasten mobility within North Luzon.

It also means policy harmonization that enhances cooperation rather than competition.  The study suggested priority policy focus on watershed management, eco-zone network development, interregional tourism circuits, and priority interregional transport.

The proposal was first endorsed by the Infrastructure Development Committee and the Development Administration Committee of the RDC during their meetings in May 10 and May 30 respectively.

In March 20, 2013, the RDC and RPOC in Region 2 passed Joint RDC2-RPOC2 Resolution No. 03-2013-31, series 2013 entitled “Supporting the Integration of the North Luzon Regions and the Creation of an Interregional Body that would Oversee the Integration Activities.”