RDC Vice-Chairperson and NEDA Regional Director Susan A. Sumbeling and RDC Secretary and NEDA Assistant Regional Director Stephanie F. Christiansen respond during the plenary on the issues and concerns by the PSRs

The Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC-CAR) is set to reorganize as the term of the local chief executives and private sector representatives (PSRs) is ending on 30 June 2022. The Council opened the call for Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) to submit their nominees for Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) to the RDC after it approved its revised Manual of Operation during its second quarter meeting on 9 June.

“Since we have approved the manual of operations containing the updated guidelines for the selection and election of PSRs, the call for participation of PSOs and PSRs shall commence,” RDC Vice-Chairperson and NEDA Regional Dir. Susan A. Sumbeling said.

On the qualifications of the PSRs, RDC Secretary and Asst.  Regional Dir.  Stephanie F. Christiansen said that the nominees must be Filipino citizens, of legal age, and with at least 3- year proven track record in socioeconomic development in the region, and must not hold any government position.

ARD Christiansen reiterated that “the nominee’s track record should be related to the sector and implemented in the province/city being represented for a least three years, and must be able to execute the functions and responsibilities expected of an RDC-PSR.”   

The revised Manual of Operations includes the following additional requirements: (1) certification of residence, (2) certification of no pending case, and (3) NBI clearance.

Mr. Ferdinand Gonzales, PSR to the Committee on Development Administration and Good Governance, clarified that nominees are expected to secure clearance from the LGU where they reside whether they are applying for sectoral or geographic PSR.

The Council comprises of 14 PSRs who sit as representatives to its six sectoral committees, one representing the labor sector, and seven as geographic representatives of the six provinces and Baguio City. The new set of PSRs will serve until 2025, following the elective term of government officials.

The RDC is accepting nominee submissions through the NEDA as its Secretariat.