By Shah Balaw-ing

Baguio City – The Regional Development Council Infrastructure Development Committee (RDC-INFRACOM) in its meeting last November 7, 2013 approved a resolution endorsing the inclusion of the Baguio Airport Modernization Program amounting to Php 151 million in the 2015 Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) budget.

It may be recalled that the Study on Advancing the Baguio Airport Modernization Program was completed this year by the RDC technical working group for Baguio Airport with the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) providing the technical support on the technical and economic features of the project. The RDC in its Full Council last September 12, 2013 adopted the study, which identifies what needs to be improved regarding the airport.

Among the things recommended in the study were the upgrading of the Visual Flight Rules to Instrument Flight Rules; the provision of navigational equipment for day and night landing and takeoff; security of the airport property and completion of access roads; rehabilitation of the perimeter fence; an Aeronautical Survey; and widening of airport runway strip.

The Php 151 million shall be allotted for site acquisition and construction of access road at runway 09; airfield lighting system, new perimeter fencing and aeronautical survey.

It is expected that once fully rehabilitated, the Baguio Airport will attract commercial air carriers. The program will answer the foremost concern of commercial airlines on the safety of the airport runway and the aircrafts to be used.