EDITORIAL, Northern Philippine Times, Jul 27, 2010

Domogan’s proposals may be worth taking into consideration as the 1987 Constitution mandates the establishment of autonomous regions in the Cordillera and Muslim Mindanao in recognition of the role of indigenous peoples in nation building.

But then, is the Cordillera ready for autonomy at this time? Critics have been allergic to autonomy because of lack or lapses in consultation among the people when the previous proposed organic acts were crafted and subjected to plebiscites. These were deemed full of flaws that Cordillerans rejected these.

Now, before the RDC talks of again reviving the quest for Cordillera autonomy, it should first bare how the P45 million government fund intended as information campaign was spent. The body, composed of top regional officials should be transparent in its finances like on what happened to the P45 million. If they can’t be transparent on a much smaller amount as compared to the proposed P75 billion start-up fund, who will believe them when they push for autonomy? This early people are saying the P45 million was “intonomi” (burned by them for that matter.)

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