Another step closer to autonomy has been taken as the members of the Regional Development Council Executive Committee and regional line agencies, media, academe, private sector and the speakers bureau have approved the Social Preparation of CAR into an Autonomous Region (SPCAR) logo and slogan as well as the core and sectoral key messages, political map during the Workshop on Restrategized IEC and Alliance Building towards Cordillera Autonomy held on May 12-13, 2014.

Future IEC materials shall include the three core messages namely: a) Autonomy will perceive and enhance a Cordilleran identity; b) Autonomy will enable crafting policies that are more relevant to the unique Cordilleran context; and c) Autonomy will lead towards a more inclusive progress.

The approved SPCAR brand, core and sectoral key messages shall be used in the future IEC materials.

Moreover, the logo depicts a man blowing a tangguyod, which is then embossed in a gong. The different elements of the logo represent the Cordillera culture and the call for unity for autonomy. The logo will be accompanied by a slogan “One Cordillera, Yes to Autonomy.”

The said endeavour, coordinated by NEDA-CAR and the RDC, was meant to direct the IEC efforts in the region’s pursuit of autonomy, so as to arrive at the awareness level targets set in the IEC Roadmap. It is also in response to the study and proposal of the UP Center for Local and Regional Governance on the current IEC and Alliance Building  efforts  of the region, which was presented during the Review Workshop on SPCAR IEC last May 7.


by Christine Mamuyac, SPCAR