In consonance with the government’s current thrust on area development planning and inter-local cooperation, the Cordillera Regional Development Council (CAR RDC) is embarking on the project BLISTT Integrated Area Planning and Alliance Building Project.

The project, one of the flagship projects identified in the CAR Strategic Action Agenda, is geared towards enhancing the role of the BLISTT area (Baguio City, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay)  as the primary growth center of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

The project will endeavor to benefit all BLISTT municipalities and city.  To help provide sustainability for the project, the CAR RDC will act as the project’s permanent Secretariat.  The institutional commitment of the concerned LGUs for the project shall likewise be ensured.

Among the objectives of the project are: (1) Determine the strategic strengths and opportunities of the BLISTT city and municipalities; (2) Define the desired spatial and people-oriented outcomes; (3) formulate and have approved the BLISTT Strategic Framework Plan; and (4) Design and initiate an acceptable governance mechanism.

The project will involve the conduct of BLISTT planning studies (focusing on the urbanization pattern, economic milieu, land and natural resources, infrastructure support, and BLISTT financing and alternative governance schemes),  inter-LGU alliance building and institutionalization, strategic plan formulation, and advocacy.

The BLISTT project is now on its initial stage of implementation.  Various meetings to firm-up the project’s framework have been conducted with the NEDA-CAR TWG members, the LOGODEF, the RDC Co-Chairman, and Ms. Edna Tabanda, a representative of the private sector involved in past BLISTT efforts, and most recently, with the planning officers of the BLISTT LGUs.

An intensive IEC campaign shall be conducted in June in the various BLISTT areas to increase knowledge on the project and enhance public awareness and support to inter-local cooperation.