By Shah Balaw-ing

The Regional Development Council (RDC) Development Administration Committee is still accepting nominations for the Cordillera Champions Awards (CCA).

Nominations must be submitted to the National Economic and Development Authority CAR, Civil Service Commission through its Regional and Field Offices or Provincial and Municipal Human Resource Offices. 

The CCA aims to recognize outstanding accomplishments of individuals or groups that have led to the creation of the CAR and/or the realization of the region’s development goals.

CCA nominee may be a Cordilleran or Non-Cordilleran of good moral character and unquestionable integrity, with no pending administrative or criminal case filed against the person at the time of nomination and has notable accomplishment and contricutions on any development areas.

Along with the CCA are competitions on Best Logo Design and Award Title anchored on the CCA. The Best Logo Design contest shall symbolize the achievements of individuals or groups patterned in the CCA goals while the Award Title aims to identify the best title that is unique and promotes Cordillera identity.

The awarding of the CCA, Best Logo Design and Award Title will be in July 2014 during the 27th celebration of CAR’s anniversary.