The Bangsamoro bill took a leap forward as it received a 50-17 approval from the BBL committee of the House of Representatives last May 20, 2015. On the other hand, the Cordillera autonomy bill that was filed in Congress on June 11, 2014 had not moved as much.

In its en banc meeting held on March 26, the Regional Development Council (RDC) – CAR acknowledged the significant impact the status of BBL have on the progress of the Cordillera autonomy bill and to the imminent actions of the Cordillera stakeholders.

For this reason, the RDC-CAR plans to conduct a regional conference to juxtapose the discussion of the Cordillera autonomy with that of the Bangsamoro’s. The said conference will be a whole day event scheduled on the 10th of June at the Baguio Convention Center. It aims to convene political leaders from the si CAR provinces and Baguio City, heads of Regional Line Agencies, NGOs, the youth, the media, business groups, religious groups, and other stakeholders. It seeks to further engage the participants with the topics on the international experiences in the politico-administrative decentralization and regional autonomy, the historical and cultural perspectives on the Cordillera and Bangsamoro autonomy, and the economic and financial aspects of a Cordillera Autonomous Region. Necessarily, an analysis of the implications of the above information on the House Bill 4649 and other initiatives shall be offered. The conference expects to generate a heavy discourse on the issues in an open forum.



by Mark Allen Ponciano, SPCAR