CommPlan 2022-2025 – NEDA-CAR Assistant Regional Director Stephanie Christiansen (top right) presents to the Regional Development Council the SPCAR updated communication plan 2022-2025 as well as the proposed 2022 project list and work and financial plan.

BAGUIO CITY – The Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC-CAR) approved the updated Communication Plan 2022-2025 of the Social Preparation of CAR into an Autonomous Region (SPCAR) program during its first quarter meeting last March 9, 2022. 

NEDA-CAR Assistant Regional Director Stephanie Christiansen underscored the transitory nature of CAR through Executive Order 220 and rallied regional directors to fully support the RDC agenda on regional autonomy. She also presented the proposed 2022 SPCAR Project List and Work and Financial Plan which was approved by the council. All these plans provide the basis for stakeholder engagement. 

The communication plan was a product of a two-day workshop held on March 2-3, 2022 where stakeholders from the different regional line agencies, local government units, civil society organizations and private sectors representatives assessed the 2019-2020 communication plan and came up with a comprehensive and updated communication plan for 2022-2025 . 

The updating of the communication plan was done to address the changing landscape of conducting information, education, and communication (IEC) activities, the elections and the anticipated leadership changes.

The updated communication plan employs a two-track overall framework for actions in pursuit of Cordillera autonomy. It has downstream and upstream approach that seeks to secure the approval of the proposed Cordillera Autonomy bill and its ratification. The downstream approach intends to raise awareness and deepen the understanding of Cordilleran voters of the need for Cordillera autonomy through intensified IECs in barangays, municipalities, regional line agencies, civil society organizations, business, youth and other sectors. On the other hand, the upstream approach aims to secure the approval of the bill in both houses of Congress and the President. It targets to build alliances with national leaders for the advancement of the legislative process for the proposed organic act.  

The RDC-CAR has taken on the social preparation program since 2006 through IECs to raise support among the Cordillerans, capacitation in preparation for autonomy, and building stronger alliances with national and regional officials to ensure the passage of an acceptable organic act establishing the Cordillera Autonomous Region.