The 2010 Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) for the Cordillera Administrative Region have been released by NSCB.  This publication, as approved by the NSCB Executive Board, contains the following:  (a)  annual time series  data that are useful for planning and decision-making and for setting policies towards effective governance and improved service delivery at the local level; (b)  disaggregated data in different dimensions; and, (c) glossary of terms of official concepts and definitions for statistical purposes.

The 2010 edition features additional data measure, i.e., tables on the demographic characteristics of the population based on the 2007 Census of Population.

According to Mr. Benjamin Y. Navarro,  NSCB-CAR’s regional head unit, the publication can be accessed at their library ( which was primarily established to serve as one-stop shop for the propagation and use of statistics in regional and local development planning and program implementation between and among the different government agencies, local government units and private business in the region.