convergence areas

Field visit to Barangay Health Center (above) in Barangay Balawis, Banaue, Ifugao in 2016 by members of the Convergence Team.

A project that aims to literally bring government services to the grassroots level is currently being implemented in six poorest municipalities in the Cordillera. The Convergence Program for Poorest Municipalities aims for the concerted and focused delivery of various government services to uplift the socio economic conditions of these 6 poorest municipalities in the region namely (a) Malibcong, Abra; (b) Kabugao, Apayao; (c) Kibungan, Benguet; (d) Banaue, Ifugao; (e) Tinglayan, Kalinga; and (f) Paracelis, Mountain Province.

The Convergence Program for the Poorest Municipalities in CAR is the flagship project of the Regional Social Development Committee (RSDC) – Regional Development Council of the Cordillera Administrative Region and is being shepherded by its Chairman, DSWD Director Janet Armas. Since it started in 2015, the project was able to provide various assistance ranging from provision of medical equipment and medicines, construction of water system, distribution of plastic septic tanks and toilet bowls, construction of additional classrooms and schools, provision of livelihood trainings, rehabilitation of day care centers, construction of irrigation canals  and many other forms of  assistance delivered directly to the municipalities during several visits conducted in 2015 and 2016. These municipalities will continue to be recipients of various types of assistance from the different regional line agencies this year.

These municipalities were chosen by the RSDC in 2014 on the basis of accessibility and   poverty incidence data.  Initial assistance identified are in the area of health, education, social welfare, agriculture, infrastructure and economy but later expanded to include provision of specific services on solid waste, livelihood and entrepreneurship. DSWD-CAR regularly monitors and evaluates this program and lessons learned will be the basis of improved delivery of social services to these municipalities. The participating agencies to this convergence program are DOH, DepEd, HUDCC, DOT, DSWD, DENR, EMB, DTI, TESDA, NIA and DILG.

The details of the assistance already received by the municipalities are as follows:

Convergence municipalities by type of assistance received

Malibcong Abra:

  • Construction of water projects in Adugao, Pacqued, and Bayabas barangays (DILG)
  • Provision of additional classrooms for Mataragan Elementary School (DepEd)
  • Rehabilitation of 3 day care centers (DSWD)
  • Provision of 10 communal irrigation system facilities (NIA)

Kabugao, Apayao:

  • Provision of supply and medical equipment, dental and other health services (DOH)
  • Provision of 3 new barangay health stations and water systems (DOH)

Kibungan, Benguet:

  • Provision of 2 water level III systems (DOH)
  • Construction of the Mocgao Elementary School (DepEd)
  • Rehabilitation of Tacadang National High School and Batangan Elementary School (DepEd)
  • Construction of  9 foot bridges and  2 foot paths to improve access (LGU counterpart)

Banaue, Ifugao:

  • Implementation of nutrition programs for children and distribution of water and sanitation supply (DOH)
  • Accreditation of 3 birthing clinics in Ducligan, Kinakin, and Bocos (Philhealth)
  • Provision of fund support to improve access to water (DILG)
  • Completion of the ECCD center and the One-stop Audio Visual center of the PWD building (DSWD)
  • Completion of the Mini-sports facility (DepEd)
  • Provision of food processing trainings and construction of a one-stop shop business center (DOLE)
  • Completion of the MRF center (EMB)
  • Organization of  a livelihood development team (LGU counterpart)

Tinglayan, Kalinga:

  • Provision of 1 ambulance, deployment of health professionals, and sponsorship for the conduct of the Search for the Best Sanitation Practices (DOH)
  • Provision of water, road and irrigation projects, water testing facility, Mahinda Patrol jeep and police car, and completion of the Basao water system (DILG)
  • Completion of 7 day care centers and deployment of 7 Alternate Learning System teachers (DepEd)
  • Provision of work and skills training scholarships (TESDA)
  • Provision of seedlings for the Reforestaion and Re-greening program (DA)
  • Provision of trainings on entrepreneurship, packaging, marketing, and product designing (DTI)
  • Provision of eco-guide and homestay training (DOT)
  • Provision of technical assistance on solid waste management (EMB)
  • Provision of 2 shredders for bottles and plastics, deployment of 1 dump truck garbage collector and 2 solid waste facilitators (LGU counterpart)

Paracelis, Mountain Province (Provision of assistance scheduled in 2017)