70. against the rapid mining operations in Benguet province;

71. to the construction of huge hydro-electric dams along the Chico River in Mt. Province and Kalinga

72. and to the logging projects of the Cellophil Resources Corporation (CRC) in Abra.

73. The Chico River Dam project would have affected 15 Bon-toc and Kalinga villages

74. dislocating a total population of about 100,000 inhabitants

75. and putting underwater over 41,900 hectares of rice terraces, farms, burial grounds and watersheds.

76. The concessions granted to the Cellophil Resource Corporation was an answer to foreign demands for logs and timber

77. The grant included the declaration of 200,000 hectares of ancestral lands as forest reserves In the area of Abra, Mt. Province and Kalinga-Apayao.

78. Like the mining operations in Benguet, the logging projects, caused permanent vast destruction of agricultural production and environmental degradation,

79. especially the drying up of watershed areas.

80. The Chico River and the CRC projects stopped operation at the height of a united resistance by the Cordillera people.

81. The unifying factor was the peace pact system.

82. The unfolding drama of these projects enflamed the people’s unstoppable mass movement

83. and forged wider unity which started off a regionwide Cordillera consciousness.

84. This issue gave birth to a recognition that the long history of the Cordillera people since the colonial period was virtually one of discrimination, neglect, marginalization, exploitation