By Paul Nuval, BFAR-CAR

Baguilat said  “let’s have no mistake about it I am for autonomy.” “If it will give us more power to assert our rights over our ancestral lands, I am for autonomy. If it will give us more control over our natural and human resources, I am for autonomy. More importantly, if it will give our people more benefits from our resources, and not solely to the cappers of the multinational industries…, 

“…a food basket of the island of Luzon, yet are resources are being depleted, and we are not benefitting from the exploitation of our region’s riches. Of course, if we are allowed to manage this resources, we would ensure that the future generations would benefit from them, however, today, mostly of the multinational companies, reaped the rewards of our earn, we are left to cope up with the plunder of our resources,” Baguilat shared. “I am for autonomy if it will empower us to institute our government that is transparent, honest and responsive to our people’s needs. If it will stop corruption and not breed it, I am for autonomy. I am for autonomy if it will empower us to institute a judicial system and serve justice in the Cordillera,” added the chair for the Commission for National Cultural Communities.

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