Section 138. The Regional Government commits itself to social protection and shall among other things, adopt measures to:

  1. Empower and improve the quality of life of the poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable individuals, families, sectors and communities of the region.

  2. Reduce or eradicate poverty to ensure that all Cordillerans are free from all forms of deprivation, vulnerability, and abuse. Towards this end, the Regional Government shall organize a Cordillera Anti-Poverty Council (CAPC) which shall formulate and oversee the implementation of a comprehensive regional anti-poverty framework.

  3. Create equal opportunities for assistance and protection for all Cordillerans.

  4. Promote gender and development (GAD) through the creation, adoption and sustainability of programs and policies that are gender sensitive.

  5. Enact measures and develop programs that will protect the people from any threat of violence and exploitation, eliminate trafficking in persons and mitigate pressures for involuntary migration and servitude of persons, not only to support trafficked persons but more importantly, to ensure their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration into the mainstream of society.

Section 139. The Regional Government shall undertake steps to protect the labor sector and promote equality of employment opportunities for all. Towards this end, it shall, among other things, provide for:

  1. Participation of the Regional Government in the regional wage board in working out periodic adjustments and rational standardization of compensation rates to ensure a sustainable and decent wage for all workers.

  2. Profit and productivity gain-sharing schemes that recognize the right of workers to a just share in the profits and productivity gains of businesses, provide incentives thereof, and the right of the enterprise to reasonable returns on investments.

  3. Protection of workers against unhealthy and unsafe working conditions.

  4. Legislation for the benefit and welfare of domestic helpers.

  5. Mandatory corporate social responsibility towards employees and host community.

Section 140. The Regional Government shall promote the hiring of qualified Cordillerans in government projects and private businesses located in the autonomous region.

Section 141. The Regional Government recognizes health as a basic human right and the attainment, maintenance and protection thereof shall be its responsibility. It affirms health as an instrument for and a product of socio-economic development. For this purpose, it shall, among other things:

  1. Establish, maintain, and support an effective health care delivery system utilizing primary health care as a comprehensive and integrated approach.

  2. Ensure that the health care system is governed by the principles of service, social justice and equity.

  3. Promote health knowledge and skills that will enable its people to take responsibility for their health.

  4. Give relevant training and appropriate standards for health workers and professionals.

  5. Establish and maintain an effective food and drug regulatory system which shall provide for the adoption of an essential drug list, encourage the use of generic medicines or drugs, and promote the use of herbal medicines and indigenous health resources.

  6. Conduct research on traditional healing methods and promote indigenous health care practices.

  7. Evolve financing schemes to effectively lessen the costs of health care without sacrificing the quality of health care services including the prioritization in the annual budget of at least five percent (5%) to form the base of health budget.

Section 142. The Regional Government shall, in consonance with the Constitution, guarantee the rights of all workers to self-organization, collective bargaining and negotiations, and peaceful concerted activities, including those provided by law.

Section 143. The Regional Government shall:

  1. Promote the well-being of differently-abled persons, the mentally handicapped, the elderly, the homeless, widows and orphans, retirees, and veterans, adult and juvenile criminal offenders and victims. and

  2. Assist victims of calamities, abused and depressed children and women in crisis situations, including victims of adult and juvenile criminal offenders.

Section 144. The Regional Government shall adopt a social integration program responsive to the needs of rebel returnees including adult and juvenile criminal offenders.

Section 145. The Regional Government shall adopt insurance and social security measures responsive to the needs of its people to supplement existing privileges.

Section 146. The Regional Government, in cooperation with the private sector, shall promote housing programs where needed, which shall be financed under liberal credit terms and shall utilize indigenous materials, architecture and technology. Participation of housing cooperatives to administer the projects shall be encouraged.

Section 147. The Regional Government shall recognize and strengthen the role of the Cordillera women in nation-building. It shall ensure the full implementation of the Magna Carta of Women and all other existing national laws that promote the welfare and protection of women.

Section 148. The Regional Government shall establish a comprehensive program on youth development, create the structures to implement the same and appropriate adequate funds to provide support for the program.

Section 149. The Regional Government shall promote and support duly established peoples' organizations and encourage the formation of organizations, especially those of the underprivileged.