Section 150. The Regional Government shall promote and maintain peace and order and public safety in the region. It shall not allow private armies.

Section 151. The defense and security of the autonomous region shall be the responsibility of the national government with due recognition to recommendations from the Regional Government.

Section 152. Consistent with the Local Government Code and other relevant laws, the Regional Government shall have co-management over peace-keeping programs and initiatives and undertake close coordination with the Philippine National Police as well as the Philippine Army, when the need arises.

Section 153. The provisions of the preceding sections notwithstanding, the Regional Governor may request the President of the Philippines to call upon the Armed Forces of the Philippines:

  1. To prevent or suppress lawlessness, violence, invasion or rebellion, when the public safety so requires, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

  2. To suppress the danger to or breach of peace in the autonomous region, when the police forces of the autonomous region are not able to do so.

  3. To avert any imminent danger to public order and security in the autonomous region.

Section 154. The Regional Government shall strengthen and enhance indigenous institutions or systems as may be applicable and found to be acceptable and effective in the promotion of social, political, economic and peace and order in the region. It shall provide for a system of incorporating indigenous practices in conflict resolution wherever and whenever applicable.

Section 155. The Police Regional Office-Cordillera (PRO-COR) shall remain as the primary peace keeping force of the autonomous region under the administration and control of the National Police Commission with the supervision of the Regional Governor. However, the PRO-COR shall be headed by a Regional Police Director who shall be assisted by regional deputy directors and preferably Cordillerans. The Regional Police Director shall be chosen from among five (5) nominees to be recommended by the Regional Governor.