Section 29. Regional line agencies and offices in the Cordillera Autonomous Region shall continue to exist, retain their mandated authorities without diminution and perform their functions corresponding to the following conditions:

Regional Line Agencies and offices shall, in addition to their regular tasks and functions, perform those devolved by the Constitution to autonomous regions as enumerated in Section 28 of this Organic Act;

The Regional Governor shall exercise control and supervision over regional line agencies and offices in the region, and shall represent the same;

Regional line agency officials and employees shall continue to be nationally paid. There shall be no diminution of their compensation and other benefits due its officials and employees;

Existing assets and properties of the regional line agencies and offices shall remain under their custody and accountability.

Section 30. Civil Service officials and employees of the regional line agencies and offices in the region shall not be laid off, dismissed or removed as a result of any reorganization attendant to the establishment of the Cordillera Autonomous Region, except for a just cause and after due process.

Section 31. Civil service officials and employees of the regional autonomous government and the regional line agencies in the autonomous region shall be hired in accordance with appropriate Civil Service rules and regulations, but preference shall be accorded to qualified Cordillerans.

Section 32. Filling up of vacant Regional Director and Assistant Regional Director positions of regional line agencies and offices in the autonomous region shall follow the existing screening procedure of the concerned agency or office and the guidelines provided by the Career Executive Service Board (CESB). The Regional Governor shall recommend a minimum of three (3) applicants from those who applied and who were screened from whom the President shall select and appoint. Regional Directors posted in the autonomous region shall be as equally qualified like those assigned in other regions for promotion to higher positions in the various departments, line agencies and offices of the national government.

Section 33. Regional line agencies and offices shall prepare their respective budgets separate and distinct from the budget of the Regional Government. Their budgets shall however be attached and form part of the budget of the Regional Government when presented to Congress to ensure that plans and priorities of the autonomous region are harmonized and properly considered in the budgeting processes.

Section 34. The autonomous region may, upon authority of the Regional Assembly, avail of Official Development Assistance (ODA)-funded projects and other foreign financial grants or donations and shall undertake these projects through the regional line agencies, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), state colleges and universities, local government units or whichever is deemed appropriate.

Section 35. Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) shall continue to be governed by their respective charters and other pertinent laws.

Section 36. The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Social Security System (SSS), the Pagtutulungan-Ikaw, Bangko Industriya't Gobyerno (PAGIBIG) and other funds of similar trust or fiduciary nature shall be exempted from the coverage of this Organic Act.