Section 37. The local government units shall have the same set of local officials and employees and shall enjoy autonomy and continue to exercise the powers granted them under the Local Government Code and other existing laws. Nothing herein provided shall be construed in any manner as to diminish the powers and functions as well as benefits and privileges already being enjoyed by the local government units. The Local Government Code shall apply to all provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays in the autonomous region.

Section 38. Consistent with the basic policy on local autonomy, the President, through the Regional Governor shall exercise direct supervision over local government units in the autonomous region to ensure that their acts are within the scope of their prescribed powers and functions.

Section 39. Revenues, taxes, fees and charges generated by the local government units and the regional autonomous government from their respective local tax ordinances shall exclusively accrue to them.

Section 40. The local government units in the autonomous region, including the Regional Government, shall have a just share in the national taxes which shall be automatically released to them.

Section 41. The local government units in the autonomous region including the Regional Government unit shall be entitled to an equitable share in the proceeds of the utilization and development of the national wealth within their respective areas, in the manner provided by law and this Organic Act. Provided, that the Regional Government unit shall have a share of forty percent (40%) taken from the percentage share of the National Government from the utilization of national wealth within the autonomous region.

Section 42. Any chartered city within the autonomous region shall be governed primarily by its charter.

Section 43. Special metropolitan political subdivisions may, by law, be created by the Regional Assembly, subject to a plebiscite. The component cities and municipalities shall retain their basic autonomy and shall be entitled to their own local executive and legislative bodies. The jurisdiction of the metropolitan authority that will thereby be created shall be limited to basic services requiring coordination.

Section 44. The local government units in the autonomous region may group themselves, consolidate or coordinate their efforts, services, and resources for purposes commonly beneficial to them in accordance with law.